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Apostrophe Catastrophe

a page that has nothing to do with apostrophes, but is somewhat catastrophic

6 January
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My name is Melanie, but I also go by Mel, Meri-chan, Melissa (For some reason a lot of people think my name is Melissa, but it's not.), Yolanda (That one's sort of an inside joke.), Hyzenthlay, Hy, and occasionally my mother's first name.

Sadly, my last name is not actually Kishitani; I only chose that name because I fangirl over Shinra from Durarara!! Seriously, it's borderline stalking. I google his name every day and click the "latest" option.

Um...what else is there to tell about me? I dream of someday becoming an novelist and possibly a voice actress, and I want to dye my hair pink. And...uh...yeah, that's just about it.